The Lighthouse Club

Our business wouldn’t exist without our customers, and we are proud to support a charity that supports them. We’ve over 15 years’ experience helping people in the Construction Industry and so we’ve chosen to support The Lighthouse Club, a charity that helps construction workers who have fallen on hard times or in difficult situations that can often be caused by their job.

If you work in the construction industry and fall on hard times, The Lighthouse Club can come to your rescue. This charity, formed in 1956, is known and thought of with respect and affection by everyone in the construction industry. Whether you’re in construction (or have been), if you’re in need there’s somebody at the other end of the phone. The Lighthouse Club’s Construction Industry Helpline 0845 605 1956 is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Lighthouse Club’s many volunteers give a whole range of welfare and well-being advice as well as providing emotional and legal support. One of their most valued services is their emergency financial assistance. The Club raises money to give to those who need it, for example, if the family breadwinner dies or can’t work because of illness or injury.

The Lighthouse Club and RIFT

As well as being a corporate sponsor, we arrange social and fundraising events throughout the year that our staff and their friends and families take part in. Every year a RIFT team member dons fancy dress to run the London Marathon for The Lighthouse Club. RIFT is very proud to support this worthy cause and all the staff enjoy taking part in the many events we put on.

“With Jan’s business being based within the Construction Industry, she is totally committed to the aims of the Lighthouse Club in raising funds to alleviate hardship for construction workers and their families who are in need. She is a superb ambassador for us, never missing an opportunity to promote the cause to her many contacts within the industry. Jan actively encourages her staff to carry out fundraising activities and is responsible for raising over £100,000 for the charity in the last couple of years. She has played a key part not just by making donations and encouraging others to do so, but by contributing a huge amount of her personal time to the cause.” Robert Smith, Chairman of The Lighthouse Club.

How The Lighthouse Club helped Tom

Tom is one of RIFT’s clients.  He was sadly diagnosed with cancer shortly after making a claim for a tax refund. Tom couldn’t go to work while he was getting his treatment and he was only getting statutory sick pay so he was struggling financially. RIFT successfully claimed £3,681.44 tax refund for him and waived their fee. Tom had to give up work due to his illness so RIFT referred him to The Lighthouse Club, who gave him financial help until he recovered. Thankfully, Tom’s now better and back to work. He said he can’t thank RIFT enough or The Lighthouse Club for the support he received through this very stressful time in his life.

The Lighthouse Club and the Deeney Fund

In 2004, Jennifer Deeney’s husband Keiron was involved in a tragic accident on a construction site in London, just 13 weeks after the two had married. Since then, Jennifer has been involved in raising awareness of health and safety on construction sites, with the message that health and safety should be everyone’s responsibility. Jennifer has teamed up with The Lighthouse Club and created the Deeney Fund which raises money to help families affected by construction workers affected by accidents or illness.