Meet the Team

The UK leader in employment legislation.

As leading experts in this area, RIFT Legal Services actively lead the way in shaping payroll structures that enable better ways of working.

The team has a reputation for successfully defending HMRC challenges in industries such as construction, healthcare, security and IT, and on issues regarding employment status, IR35, agency legislation, MSC rules, settlements, expenses and s.9a enquiries. RIFT Legal Services was created to help businesses stay compliant, so they never get caught out believing they’re within the law only to find themselves on the wrong end of an HMRC ruling.

The RIFT Legal Services Directors bring an in-depth, practical understanding of the legislation from all angles due to their varied backgrounds which include ex-HMRC status inspectors, litigators and tax and employment law professionals. With 40 years combined experience in defending HRMC challenges and successfully representing clients at tax tribunals under their belts you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands.

RIFT Legal Services is part of the RIFT Group, founded by Jan Post in 1999 to help individuals and businesses in the construction industry who were being disadvantaged by complex HMRC tax refund legislation.

The RIFT Group has longstanding relationships with HMRC, unions, industry and government.

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RIFT Legal White Paper CoverDownload our free whitepaper “Surviving the employment status crackdown”

Produced in partnershi[p with Construction News this white paper provides all the practical advice you need to successfully withstand the scrutiny of an HMRC employment status investigation, avoid unnecessary liability costs and enjoy the sense of security that comes with the knowledge of full compliance.


Dave Smith LL.B (Hons), CTA

Dave is widely recognised as a leading authority on IR35 and self-employed status. After working at HMRC as a status inspector many years ago and following a spell inpractice, Dave co-founded Accountax Consulting Limited in 1999 with the aim of defending the Construction Industry from HMRC attack.

During his career, Dave sculpted the self-employed landscape and successfully paved the way for many others to take on the Revenue. Dave made history by being the first tax adviser to successfully defend an IR35 case at the Special Commissioners in the landmark case of Lime IT v Justin

Kye Burchmore LL.B (Hons)

Kye Burchmore has over a decade of experience as a tax consultant. With a wealth of knowledge on legislation, case law and litigation, Kye has worked as a tax consultant at one of the country’s leading employment status tax practises specialising in defending employment status disputes, IR35 enquires and expenses legislation challenges.

Kye also advises and defends a variety of companies on contentious areas of tax law and has written extensively on the issue for publications including Tolley’s Practical Tax, Simon’s Tax Briefing and Accounting Web.

Sarah Carstens ATT MAAT

Whilst working as Senior Tax Consultant for some of the UK’s leading tax consultancies, Sarah regularly defended clients’ CIS gross payment status and penalty appeals along with defending umbrella companies against HMRC challenge, up to and including representation at the tax tribunals.

Sarah also worked at one of the big four accountancy firms for many years and has extensive experience and expertise in all company compliance issues. She has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of tax that particularly affect the construction industry.

Jan Post, MD, RIFT Group Ltd

Founding the RIFT Group in 1999, Jan has become a leading tax refunds champion by working closely with HMRC for and on behalf of both business and individuals to provide innovative, cost-efficient financial services