About Us

Industry leading expertise.

We can give you the financial certainty that comes with securing the employment status of your workforce. This includes full legal indemnity should HMRC successfully challenge your position. And with that comes complete peace of mind: you can continue to engage workers on a self-employed basis, leaving us to take care of any risk.

We have extensive experience in successfully defending HMRC disputes and are experts in the case law surrounding the area, how HMRC target companies, what tactics HMRC use and the best ways of successfully defending the challenge.

Our comprehensive service also negates the need for intermediaries – something HMRC discourage and they have introduced a host of measures to make this option less attractive and not always suitable.

As well as adding expense and impacting cash flow because of VAT, using an intermediary payroll or contracting company can attract attention from HMRC, highlight the use of self-employed individuals and imply there is something to hide.

RIFT Legal Services provide a much simpler and safer solution for companies worried about employment status.